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Math Placement Practice Site

There is a choice of four practice exams you can take; they are listed below.
Each exam tests for placement into specific courses. The exams and the courses they test for are listed in the table below. After you decide which exam you want to take, just click on the exam name and you will be taken to that exam.
**Please Note: These are only practice tests, they are not subsitutes for the actual Math Placement Exams.

Exam Courses Tested by Exam
Practice Exam A
  • MA 097 Pre-Algebra
  • MA 098 Fundamentals of Algebra
  • MA 099 Intermediate Algebra
  • MA Q114 Quantitive Reasoning
  • MA 115 College Algebra
Practice Exam B
  • MA 125 Statistics
  • MA 129 Precalculus for Management
  • MA 130 Precalculus
  • CS 105 Introduction to Computer Concepts
  • CS 109 Computer Programming for Engineers
  • CS 110 Introduction to Computer Programming
  • CS 114 Introduction to Java Programming
Practice Exam C
  • MA 140 Calculus
  • MA 145 Calculus I for Life & Environmental Sciences
  • CS 110 Introduction to Computer Programing
Practice Exam D
  • MA 134 Managerial Calculus
  • MA 135 Survey of Calculus