Math Practice

University of Massachusetts Boston

Practice Placement Test D

This exam is made up 29 questions. Every question is displayed on its own page with 5 choices
A through E as your answers to choose from.

After you read the question and choose your answer from the choices given, you will click on a submit button. After you click on the submit button your answer will be saved and you will be taken to the next question.

At the end of the exam there will be a results page that will display your score and the questions you got correct and incorrect along with how the correct answer was derived. In addition, an analysis would have been performed based on the questions you got correct and a recommendation will be displayed on which course you should take.

**Please Note: This is only a practice test, this is not a subsitute for the actual Math Placement Exam.

When you are ready to begin click on the Start the Exam button below or you can return to the Welcome Page